Rest of the semester

Tuesday, April 24

From Outside Magazine:
The IUD is the Most Important Underrated Piece of Outdoor Gear I Own

Here's a piece from Orion Magazine:
How to Queer Ecology, One Goose at a Time

A poem by Audre Lorde:
A Woman Speaks

And another piece from Outside Magazine:
Going it Alone

Short Paper #22

We will not have class on Thursday, April 26 because of the Town Hall meeting from 1-3 pm in Gateway.

Tuesday, May 1

Anthology: The Clan of One-Breasted Women by Terry Tempest Williams, page 261.
Exposed: The mammogram myth and the pinkwashing of America. By Jennifer Lunden.
Published in the September/October 2013 issue of Orion Magazine

If you'd like an appointment with me, you can make one here.

Week Thirteen

Tuesday, April 17

From the anthology Coming of Age at the End of Nature
"Winter Solstice" page 32
"Could Mopping Save the World?" page 191

Short Paper #21

Thursday, April 19

Poetry Day! Bring a poem (or several poems) to class and be prepared to read them aloud. They can be original or poems written by someone else.

If you have artwork to share, bring that too. Or if you play a musical instrument, bring that.

Week Twelve

Tuesday, April 10

From the anthology Coming of Age at the End of Nature
"But I'll Still Be Here" page 54
"An Orange County Almanac: Adventures in Suburban Ecology" page 65

Short Paper #19

Thursday, April 12

From the anthology Coming of Age at the End of Nature
"Tamale Traditions: Cultivating an Understanding of Humans and Non-human Nature through Food" page 82
"Why I Wear Jordans in the Great Outdoors" page 156

Short Paper #20

If you haven't handed your folder in for a grade yet, do so this week.
You can also add books to our summer reading list.

Week Eleven

Tuesday, April 3

Black Nature, Cycle Four: Pests, People Too

You can respond to any of the poems in this section.
Here are some I would recommend:

page 109, C.S. Giscombe
page 122, Richard Wright
page 123, Thomas Sayers Ellis
page 124, Tara Betts
page 130, Janice N. Harrington
page 132, Audre Lorde
page 134, Kwame Alexander
page 141, Lucille Clifton
page 142, Natasha Trethewey
page 144, Yusef Komunyakaa

Short Paper #17

** Get your portfolio ready to hand in. Put the short papers in order and write a short reflection on what you've learned in the class and how you would grade yourself for participation.

Thursday, April 5

From the anthology Coming of Age at the End of Nature

"Post Nature Writing" page 3
"Rebuild or Retreat: Is it Time to Give up on Places Like the Rockaways?" page 24

Short Paper #18

Week Ten

Tuesday, March 27

No paper due. Instead just finish reading The Word for World is Forest. 
Bring art supplies to class, if you have them. Begin thinking about what you think the world of the Athsheans looks like.

Thursday, March 29

Synthesis Project

The point of the Synthesis Project is for you to think about all that we've read and talked about, and then come up with a creative way to show that you've seen patterns and made sense out of all of that. It shouldn't take any more time than a regular homework assignment.

Options for the Synthesis Project include: Creative writing. Art. Song. Music. Interpretive Dance. Food. Children's books. A scrapbook. A skit. A photo collage. A lesson plan for young people. A presentation. A slideshow. A video. A newscast. A satire. Slam poetry. A twitter montage. A journal. A calendar. An analysis of a movie. A presentation about an author. A rewriting of a fairy tale. '

Or you could just write a paper.

Week Nine

Tuesday, March 20
The Word for World is Forest, Ursula Le Guin, pp 1-62
To give you some context, Ursula Le Guin was a famous science fiction writer who died this year. The Word for World is Forest isn't her most famous work: I chose it because it's short enough to read in just a week or two, and because it has an environmental theme. It's one of her early books, written in 1972, during the Vietnam War.

Short paper #15

Thursday, March 22 
The Word for World is Forest, Ursula Le Guin, pp 63-128.
You might want to check out this poem by Ursula Le Guin in Orion.

Short paper #16

Week Eight

Tuesday, March 6

Look at the third section of section of the Black Nature book.
Cycle Three: Dirt on Our Hands
You can write about any poem in the section, but here are some of the ones I would recommend:
Richard Wright, page 71
Gerald Barrax Sr, page 75
Audre Lorde, page 78
Anthony Walton, page 80
June Jordan, page 82
Wanda Coleman, page 83
Patricia Smith, page 90
Claude McKay, page 97

Write Short Paper #14.

Thursday, March 8

No class. Janine is at a conference.

After spring break, we will be reading
The Word for World is Forest by Ursula LeGuin
so if you're a slow reader, you might want to start reading the book.