End of semester

Tuesday April 14 
Short paper #22
Anthology: Why Bother? Michael Pollan, p 413
Anthology: Forget Shorter Showers. Derrick Jensen, p 410
Anthology: Reconstructing Our Desires. Barbara Kingsolver, p 419

Thursday April 16
 After Hurricane Sandy, One Man Tries to Stop the Reconstruction. David Gessner. Outside Magazine. 
Anthology: Imagine a World. Amory Lovins, p 430.
Short paper #23

Tuesday April 21
Presentations! The Music Group and the SU Survey Group

Thursday April 23
Presentations! The Food Group and the Storytelling Group

Hand your portfolios in on Thursday, April 23. That is our last class.
The portfolio should include all of your short papers, plus a reflective paper about your work in the class. Go here to make an end-of-the-semester appointment with Janine.
Don't forget to go to MyESF and fill out the course evaluation.

Week 12

Tuesday April 7
The Bee-Loud Glade, pp 138-222
Short paper #20

Thursday April 9 
No class! Janine is at a conference in Minneapolis.

Short paper #21
For your short paper, return to the place where you wrote short paper #7, sit in silence and observe nature, then write about the experience.

You can also use this time to get together with your group.

Week 11

Tuesday March 31
The Bee-Loud Glade, pp 1-76
Short paper #18

If you haven't met with me yet for a grading conference, you can make an appointment here.

Thursday April 2 
The Bee-Loud Glade, pp 77-137.
Short paper #19

We need to get into groups for the end-of-the-semester projects.

Week 10

Tuesday March 24 
Finish Gathering Moss 
Choose a chapter to write your short paper on.
You can choose whichever chapter you want, but here are some of my recommendations:

City Mosses, page 91
The Web of Reciprocity, page 100
The Red Sneaker, page 111
The Owner, page 125
The Bystander, page 151

Short paper #16

Thursday March 26 
Anthology: The Clan of One-Breasted Women by Terry Tempest Williams, page 261.
Exposed: The mammogram myth and the pinkwashing of America. By Jennifer Lunden.
Published in the September/October 2013 issue of Orion Magazine.

Short paper #17

Week 9

Tuesday March 17 
Anthology: Keeper of the Temple Grounds, Judith Larner Lowry, p 195
Anthology: Curandera, Pat Mora, p 199
Anthology: It is Going to Rain, Ofelia Sepeda, p 201
Gathering Moss, Preface

Reclaiming the Honorable Harvest

Short paper #14

Thursday March 19 

Gathering Moss, selected chapters
(I had originally assigned the chapters below, but after reading through them this afternoon, I'm questioning my choices. So if you have time, read the first 70 pages. If you're short on time, pick any four chapters in the first 70 pages. Or just choose the four I listed below.)

Back to the Pond, page 21
An Affinity for Water, page 35
In the Forest of the Waterbear, page 52
Kickapoo, page 62

Short paper #15

Week 8

Tuesday, March 3

Come to class prepared to present your synthesis project. This project can take pretty much any form you like, but you must show somehow that you've been thinking about that ideas and themes we've been talking about. If you choose a non-text option, you will want to include a short reflective paper with it.

Options include: Creative writing. Art. Song. Music. Interpretive Dance. Food. Children's books. A scrapbook. A skit. A photo collage. A lesson plan for young people. A presentation. A slideshow. A video. A newscast. A satire. Slam poetry. A twitter montage. A journal. A calendar. An analysis of a movie. A presentation about an author.

Thursday, March 5

We can do the presentations that we didn't have time for on Tuesday.
Plus, some creative writing if we have time.

Week 7

Tuesday, Feb 24
Anthology: A Blizzard Under Blue Sky. Pam Houston. p. 155.
Anthology: A Walk in the Woods: Right or Privilege? Richard Louv. p. 171.
Can we get all the nature we need from the digital world?
Short paper #12

Remind me in class that we need to talk about the synthesis paper, due March 3

Thursday, Feb 26 
Anthology: Discussing Apples, Elsa Gidlow, p 88.
Anthology: Purging the Canned, Making Room for the Fresh, Gary Paul Nabhan, p 93
Anthology: Taking Local on the Road, Camille Kingsolver, p 104
Anthology: Tune of the Tuna Fish, Sandra Steingraber, p 106
Short paper #13